The business of making things work.

The story behind their meaning…

Stephanie Cotsirilos: consulting with mission-based organizations and their leaders.

My clients want to tackle their work with expertise and heart.  It’s a great expectation.  And it’s exactly right.

As a former Wall Street attorney and performing artist on and off Broadway, I believe that strong expertise and heart lead to excellence – building durable practices for the organization while breathing life into core stories that give meaning to daily work, inspire people, and influence community change. 

I bring over 30 years’ experience to services supporting board governance and partnership with management, strategic planning, executive transitions including service as an interim executive, and to honing impactful stories in furtherance of mission. I also support implementation of the planning work my clients and I do together, crafting affordable packages to help ensure the execution phase is strong.

I work independently to provide nimble, efficient problem-solving – and associate trusted professionals whenever a project calls for a customized team’s support. I’ll continue to call on my skills and those of colleagues to provide the expertise on which clients have come to rely.

The heart, my clients and I discover together.