What People Say

“Stephanie’s passion and expertise transformed ILAP’s strategic planning process. She began with a comprehensive analysis of the internal and external challenges and opportunities facing ILAP, tapping into the insights and perspectives of each board and staff member, and moved on to electronic and in-person research with our external stakeholders.

Stephanie helped us step outside of our comfort zone and think with aspiration, while maintaining realistic and attainable goals. The end product was a robust, achievable plan for growth over the next five years. More importantly, the process created a stronger and more empowered board that is ready and enthusiastic to implement the plan.

Stephanie’s genuine passion for our mission, and her commitment to the needs of all Mainers was reflected in her work. She was a true partner, and we are so grateful that she was there to guide us through the process.”

“Portland Ballet engaged Stephanie to be Interim Executive Director as the organization’s founder of 35 years transitioned from a central administrative and artistic role into an Emerita role. We couldn’t have been more pleased with Stephanie’s performance as she moved rapidly to strengthen administrative infrastructure; hire, develop, and lead key personnel; strengthen fundraising; and lay the foundation for a strategic plan. This enabled recruitment of new board members and a first-rate permanent executive director. Observing her in action, I can attest that she is a very quick study, an effective team leader, good at building relationships, and sensitive to the culture of an arts organization. And while she is a firm administrator and strategist, she also has a heart of gold. She is unselfishly committed to make the world a better place, and she has the skills to do it. It was a real pleasure working with her. ”

“As chair of our board, founder of our major gifts program, and member of our capital campaign steering committee, Stephanie offered critical guidance during a turning point in our organization's history. She demonstrated excellent leadership and communication skills, including crisis and change management, organizational and board development, fundraising, message enhancement, and systems analysis. Her background in legal issues was invaluable. Deeply committed, she devoted her energy for many years to the betterment of Maine women’s health.”

“Stephanie’s breadth of experience helped our nascent non-profit board develop the skills we needed to not only establish a firm foundation but to identify the mechanisms and practices needed to sustain long term viability.   She helped us identify specific tools and practices that we have since implemented to our benefit.  Stephanie’s grace and skill in communications made it a pleasure to learn and expand our vision.  We were taken with Stephanie and her warm demeanor immediately and invited her to moderate our board vision casting exercise.  Stephanie’s ability to capture and distill a multitude of voices helped us to frame our larger outlook and set our organization on a path to success.  I highly recommend Stephanie to any organization looking to build skills, clarify direction, and streamline their purpose.”

“I recommend Stephanie for her excellence in strategic planning consultation as well as superb research and writing abilities. I was honored to have her guide the strategic planning process for the Good Will-Hinckley organization over the spring of 2013.  The process required deep sensitivity to the unique characteristics of our organization and the navigation of multiple stakeholders. The ultimate product of the process was both effective and well-received.  In addition, I hired her, within my role as professor, to provide initial research for a scholarly article on Maine higher education. Her work was exceptionally thorough, well-written and on-point.  Stephanie would be a significant asset to any organization intent on improving organizational effectiveness. She holds an exceptional set of leadership and consultation skills to engage effectively and collaboratively within a group or individual context.”

“Stephanie’s energy, focus and commitment to the Tedford strategic planning activity is what really sets her apart from other facilitators.”

“Stephanie was flexible with designing a process that would work for the agency, its resources and timeframes.”

“Stephanie really got to know our business and the agency, truly wanting the process and its outcomes to be practical and useful for the agency going forward.”

“The interaction with Tedford staff and board was always focused and productive establishing clear goals, assignments and time frames.”

“Among the many processes and tools Stephanie used, I found the “visioning” and “matrix” tools to be easily utilized by all with great results.”

“The results of the facilitation and consultation services from Stephanie are now being communicated with our stakeholders and are providing a clear path for Tedford Housing to work together with people in their communities to find lasting solutions to the challenges of homelessness.”