Approach and Services

I’ll commit myself to getting to know you and your organization, to grasping and ordering the practical things you need, and to understanding the meaning your work holds for you and your community. Depending on your needs, I’ll work with you on:

  • Board assessment, development, and governance
  • Strategic planning
  • Executive transition
  • Decision-making
  • Research, analysis, and synthesis
  • Identifying your core stories and crafting your unique message to constituents, colleagues, and funders
  • Implementation services, upon request
  • Workshop services, upon request

Our work together will very likely fall into a 6-step pattern: Scan, Organize, Analyze – Aspire, Frame, Decide

Scan: We’ll start with direct conversations and add the assessments, surveys, interviews, or inventories you might need to identify candidly where you really are, then start working from there.

Organize: Information is no good to you unless you organize it, and I will step in strongly to help you get your arms around what it is you know and what it is you still need to find out.

Analyze: Information is also no good to you unless you see what’s important in it. We’ll work together to determine which issues and trends are emerging from your data and what it is that deserves your attention.

Aspire: This is not fluffy. We’ll link your data to your mission, the values that drive your work, and the aspirations and vision without which you would not have undertaken your work in the first place. We can also uncover the core stories that motivate you, that you need to tell others, and that you need to keep alive in what you do daily.

Frame: We’ll put aspirations and analysis together to tee up the choices you need to make.

Decide: Decide.

We’ll ask probing questions but allow ourselves to laugh. We’ll keep open minds but, understanding that “process” is not the same as “free-for-all,” we’ll establish frameworks for making decisions and taking action. We’ll do our best to communicate and stay ready to change course if necessary. We’ll keep turning toward excellence until we reach our goals.